covid-19 precautions: Dear valued customers, we are pleased to announce that our stores have reopened and to ensure your safety we have implemented additional sanitizing, social distancing, and low-contact measures so that you are safe while browsing our merchandise, trying on clothes, and interacting with our staff. Those measures include:

1. All clothing and hats that are tried on are moved to the stock room and steamed then stored for 48 hrs prior to placing back on the show floor.

2. Dressing Rooms are sanitized after each use.

3. Hand sanitizer is available throughout our stores.

4. Additional cleaning / sanitizing happens throughout the day to ensure a safe environment for our customers.



thank you outdoor lovers

to anyone who loves the outdoors ...

thank you!

Thank you Outdoor Lovers!

With travel all but frozen, we just want to say thank you to all our outdoor lovers. Our hikers, our campers, our bikers, our walkers, our runners, our picnicker's, and of course our climbers. Thank you!

To say this COVID-19 pandemic has been a gut punch to the travel industry is the understatement of 2020! But, we also know that all industries are suffering, and behind those industries and those businesses are real people who have been suffering not only financially but also mentally as each person works through the COVID-19 pandemic the best way they can.

We know first-hand how challenging these times are for all businesses and the people they employ, particularly small businesses owners out there just trying to keep the lights on and staff working while the economy has been slowed to a glacial pace.

But we're not here to complain. We're here to be grateful!

We are so grateful that during these times in which almost no one is travelling; no flying, no vacation plans, no out of province trips let alone out of country trips, that we have been able to service so many more people than just travellers.

We are so grateful for our outdoor lovers who during these times have maintained their love for getting outdoors one way or another, almost in defiance of the mental pressures of COVID-19, and ensuring we leverage and explore the incredible backyard that is Alberta to nurture our physical and mental well-being.

So, to our hikers, our campers, our bikers, our walkers, our runners, our picnicker's, and of course our climbers and our swimmers; to all those who will not be denied an opportunity to get outside with friends and family to exercise the body, nurture the mind, and adhere to proper social distancing practices, we thank you!

Thank you for being part of our in-store family and now our online family, and for helping us work through the COVID-19 pandemic along with you.

Thank you!

So Much More than just travel


Thank you so much to all our customers!
  • Great experience! they had exactly what I had been searching for! will be back.
    - Jocelyn Rae
  • Loved the unique accessories for travel and men’s and women’s clothing. Great gift ideas for all.
    - Marlene Pilsner
  • Pleasant, knowledgable and extremely helpful staff. Always a pleasure to visit !
    - Bert Kutos
  • Very good place to shop. Have just about everything you need. Sales people were very knowledgeable.
    - Bill Kells
  • Great service and quality clothing.
    - Deborah Fedorchuk
  • This was hands down the best customer service I have ever received. Donna helped me find the perfect gift within my budget and was so kind. I will be going here for all my travel needs from now on. Highly recommended.
    - Kailey Clarke
  • Under outstanding new ownership. Willing to take time to help with your travel needs. Well stocked.
    - Dwayne Hauck