covid-19 precautions: Dear valued customers, we are pleased to announce that our stores have reopened and to ensure your safety we have implemented additional sanitizing, social distancing, and low-contact measures so that you are safe while browsing our merchandise, trying on clothes, and interacting with our staff. Those measures include:

1. All clothing and hats that are tried on are moved to the stock room and steamed then stored for 48 hrs prior to placing back on the show floor.

2. Dressing Rooms are sanitized after each use.

3. Hand sanitizer is available throughout our stores.

4. Additional cleaning / sanitizing happens throughout the day to ensure a safe environment for our customers.



fashion and comfort

indoors and out


Nufoot is good for just about any type of activity, from indoor lounging, to outdoor hiking, to getting from indoor lounging to outdoor hiking.

When the travel picks up you'll want to have your Nufoot's ready to wear.

Jocelyn Rae
Great experience! they had exactly what I had been searching for! will be back.

Nufoot Sold In-Store Only

Currently, Nufoot can only be found inside one of our physical locations. Please drop by at your earliest convenience to explore the product line.

Nufoot Stories

Most places are blessed with some magnificent National Parks and hiking trails, even if you have to hunt for them at times. The majesty of these places can be awe inspiring but your shoes and socks will get wet which can ruin a great day but Nufoot solves such issues.

Our booties are the perfect thing to wear. Use with hiking boots to protect against irritation and keep your feet warm, or even use with sport sandals to provide warmth and protection from potential foot hazards.


Thank you so much to all our customers!
  • Great experience! they had exactly what I had been searching for! will be back.
    - Jocelyn Rae
  • Loved the unique accessories for travel and men’s and women’s clothing. Great gift ideas for all.
    - Marlene Pilsner
  • Pleasant, knowledgable and extremely helpful staff. Always a pleasure to visit !
    - Bert Kutos
  • Very good place to shop. Have just about everything you need. Sales people were very knowledgeable.
    - Bill Kells
  • Great service and quality clothing.
    - Deborah Fedorchuk
  • This was hands down the best customer service I have ever received. Donna helped me find the perfect gift within my budget and was so kind. I will be going here for all my travel needs from now on. Highly recommended.
    - Kailey Clarke
  • Under outstanding new ownership. Willing to take time to help with your travel needs. Well stocked.
    - Dwayne Hauck

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